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Wednesday 15 May 2013

What is our Ratio of Oversea Upstream in Hybrid Network?

Due to the good respond in our previous 'Review' of Hybrid Bandwidth System, and a lot of people asking us on how our Hybrid is actually working or managing the incoming and outgoing oversea traffic for these servers hosted under the Hybrid network. Actually, there is a policy in managing this network to ensure our clients's oversea traffic are being well taken care. In short, our policy is 80:20 Ratio.

All our Hybrid Bandwidth System is being configured with this ratio configuration to ensure the clients are treating fairly. For example, if you are subscribed to 1 Mbps of our Hybrid Bandwidth, mean you are getting 1 Mbps dedicated bandwidth from our MYIX pool, and all your International access to your servers are managed from the shared bandwidth pool, where the shared bandwidth pool is configured with 80:20 ratio of our total subscription of MYIX network.

How this 80:20 Ratio Works? 
For example, if we have total dedicated 50 Mbps of MYIX subscription, then we will have 20 Mbps dedicated of International bandwidth in placed.

Will my customers experience slow access to my servers? 
Yes. This maybe happened when the shared bandwidth of International bandwidth is full. When this is happened and you are based in Malaysia, then you will not experience the slow connection.


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