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Wednesday 15 May 2013

Report: 69% of Plan Passenger Use Smartphone or Tablet During Flights

APEX (The Airline Passenger Experience Association) and CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) has recently join conducted an interesting survey on American airline passenger, and they found out that 69% of them will use their personal electronic devices such smartphone or tablet – during flights.
Doug Johnson, VP of technology policy at CEA, said: "Airline passengers have come to rely on their smartphones, tablets and e-Readers as essential travel companions. Understanding the attitudes and behaviors of passengers that are using electronic devices while traveling will help the FAA make informed decisions." Four in ten passengers (40%) would like to use their devices during all phases of flight, including take-off and landing. With 28%, smartphones are the most commonly used devices during flights, followed by laptops on 25%, tablets on 23%, MP3 players on 23% and e-readers on 13%. 

Meanwhile, we also found out another interest figure on their survey, that 59% of passengers will always turn their devices completely off when requested, 21% of passenger will switch their devices to 'Flight Mode' or 'Plane Mode', while 5% of them will just turn their devices completely off the entire journey. 
As we know this report is being conducted to understand the attitudes and behaviors of American passengers, but I think many Asia or even Malaysian passengers will have the similar attitudes like what stated in this report. Meanwhile, the steady growth of budget airlines (or no-frills airline) in Asia market such as AirAsia.com, has changed the attitudes and behaviors of Asia passengers during their flights. Most of the passenger will actually their own devices such smartphone or tablet – during flights.

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