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Thursday 4 September 2014


Both MMS and SMS are used in mobile phones for non-voice communications.

Transmission Mechanism

MMS: Messages are sent to the message center, and then sent to the recipient via the internet if the phone supports the MMS formats. If it doesn't, the MMS can be viewed in a web browser.

SMS: Message centers are responsible for sending and receiving texts and try to re-send messages if they failed during the first try.

Problems and Pitfalls of SMS vs MMS

For consumers

SMS: Spoofing & Spamming. Spoofing is a process by which a person impersonates a user by manipulating the address information and sends messages, Consumers may give away their personal information being victimized by these spoofers. Spamming on the other hand is a process by which a user is sent promotional messages that he hasn't subscribed to, very often.

MMS: Sending & receiving MMS can pose to be a problem if the handset device that is being used by the user doesn't support receiving of multimedia messages or the configuration has been set incorrectly, or set to not receive MMS.

For wireless service providers

SMS: Sending of text messages pose few problems for wireless carriers because the technology has been perfected over the years. However, under a possible extreme situation, service provider's network may be jammed, hindering free flow of text messaging communication between senders and receivers; vice versa.

MMS: Content adaptation is one of the biggest problems that carriers face with MMS. The change of format to be correctly read on the recipient end, along with bulk SMS sending facilities cannot be replicated as compared to SMS, and these two problems pose to be a challenges that are faced.


A standard SMS is usually limited to only 160 characters in length and can be sent from any regular mobile phone. A standard MMS does not have a specific character limit, and does give a wider option (being able to send music, animation, and other interactive media).

Using SMS as a marketing tool.

SMS can be a powerful tool when coming it comes to spreading specific information that you might want your users to know.

Important Note: Pay attention to Malaysia's new Data Protection Act 2001. Ensure that you are compliant and not making moves that could be exposing customer's personal data.

It can be the fastest most direct way to contact your customers to remind them or inform them on upcoming offers you might have for them.

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