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Thursday 30 October 2014

Private Cloud IaaS

Recently there has been a large talk on Cloud Infrastructure Providers about IaaS a.k.a infrastructure as a service. In the varied conversation it led me to write on what IaaS is and the usual case of what to look for, who to look for, and what to avoid.

What is a Cloud Infrastructure Provider - Cloud IaaS

The Cloud IaaS is a computing resource, along with associated storage and network resources. These resources are offered to clients via a self-service fashion highly-automated business model. In IaaS the provider manages the data center facilities, hardware and virtualize. However the provider only provides the "bottom-end". The Operating System, middleware, and applications are managed by the customer, and in some cases this feature can be an add-on managed service from the provider or another third-party working with the provider.

Cloud IaaS is distinct from Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). The Cloud IaaS is owned, built, and operated by a service provider, delivered either on-premises or to a IaaS provider data center. It can be either "public" (multi-tenanted) or "private" (single-tenanted). 

What to look for in a Cloud Infrastructure Provider

IaaS providers that target enterprise and mid-market customers generally offer a high-quality service, with excellent uptime, great performance, high security and good customer support.

1. Look for a robust infrastructure

Fully managed IaaS cloud solution running on enterprise-class data center.

2. Comprehensive Best Practices

- ITIL v3 standards (24 x 7 x 365) monitoring and management.
- Highly automated processes with a wide range of software tools.
- Real world experience with software companies.

3. Flexible capacity

Accommodate your business fluctuations.

4. Able to tailor made

Ability to tailor make to your requirements.

5. Serious SLA

Find SLA's with financial penalties to ensure target resolution times.

6. Industry recognized

Earned reputation in the industry.

What type of workloads are being placed on Cloud IaaS?

There are three broad categories of customer requirements in IaaS providers:

  1. Hosting a single application;
  2. A Virtual Data Center (VDC);
  3. or Batch Computing.
Hosting is the most common need, however there is a broad array of needs customers may have. Although some of these have mission-critical needs, while many others do not. Here is a list of examples taken from IBM PRESS and could be a benchmark for which segment you are in (This is to properly identify what you need the most, and how a IaaS Cloud Provider can better service you once your demand has been accurately filtered.):

EVERWORKS Private Cloud IaaS

the EVERWORKS Private Cloud IaaS is now in a soft launch stage offering virtual cpu's, flexible storage and bandwidth, additional IP's and more. Get in contact with EVERWORKS technical support to find out more, and taking full advantage of the Private Cloud IaaS benefits in the development of your business.

Should a business in Malaysia consider approaching adoption of the cloud?

According to Frost & Sullivan Malaysia's IaaS market is expected to grow 59% for the 2010-2014 period. There is a great potential growth as more and more Malaysians see the benefits of the cloud. Don't miss out on this opportunity to globalize your workforce, improve flexibility, and much more!

Cloud designed by Agus Purwanto from the Noun Project


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