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Thursday 9 October 2014

How to Create a Wireless Network

A home network has many benefits and could prove to be ideal for small businesses trying to start out from the home. Ideal for any Malaysians trying to start a business, especially if you are trying to start a mobile business.

File sharing. Easier to share without the worry of using any forms of drives or transfer service on the internet.

No terrible wires. It allows you to keep everything neatly tucked away.

Computer mobility. You don't have to be stuck to a desk to do your work, but rather you could even do your work at the comfort of your couch or on your lawn enjoying sunlight.

Printer/peripheral sharing. I am enjoying the benefits of being able to work upstairs and leave my printer downstairs connected to a main computer. It saves me a lot of time, I do my work and print it, when I am ready to leave I just pack up and go downstairs, pick up my printed material and leave! Talk about convenience! (Oh, make sure your printer/peripherals are wifi capable if not it won't work.)

Before you start, here are some of the items you may need:

  1. Broadband Internet Connection and Modem
  2. Wireless Router
  3. Wireless Network Adapters (depends if you need them - if your peripherals or computer comes with inbuilt wifi then this wouldn't be necessary)

Setting up the Modem and Internet Connection

Once you have your equipment you will need to connect your modem to the internet. If this wasn't done already by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) then follow the instructions that came with your modem as to how to connect it to your computer and have the internet up and running. 

Positioning the Wireless Router

Set up your wireless router where you think it will get the highest signal strength. Position your wireless router in a central location with lesser interferences such as metal cupboards, walls, etc. 802.11g networking equipment uses a 2.4 gigahertz (Ghz) radio frequency, the same as a microwave or a cordless phone. So keep those away from your wireless router or choose equipment with a higher frequency.

Windows Guide:

Securing your Wireless Network 

Security is imperative because your wireless network could go beyond the boundaries of your walls. If you don't secure your wireless network, people with computers nearby will be able to access files on your network and use your internet without you knowing it (If this has already occurred change your username and password quickly, and if you don't know how to do that read the operations manual that came with your Wireless Router). Here are two suggestions on how to secure your network:

Protect your router by changing the default username and password that came with the device.

Set up a security key for your network. 

  1. Open Network and Sharing Center by clicking the Start Button, and then clicking the Control Panel. In the search box type Network, and then click Network Sharing Center.
  2. Click Set Up a new connection or network.
  3. Click Set up new network and then click Next.

The wizard will walk you through creating a network name and a security key. I recommend you choose WPA2 over WPA or WEP as it is a better form of security.

Additional Information: Consider installing a firewall to keep out malicious softwares and hackers. Having firewalls in each computer connected to a network will help control the spread of malicious software on your network.

Adding computers to your network

Connect your computer to the network by clicking on the wifi icon in the notification area. In the list of networks choose your network name and click connect. Enter your security key and you should have connected to your wireless network.

And that's it - your wireless network is ready to go. You can now enjoy the benefits of being able to connect wirelessly without pesky wires or a limited working boundary.

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How much would you invest into hardware to set up your own personal wireless network architecture for your own personal business?

Computer designed by Matthew Hawdon from the Noun Project


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