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Friday 3 October 2014

Words that shouldn't appear on your blog anywhere

"Sorry I haven't blogged lately... There has been a lot going on of late"

"Oh shucks when was the last update?"

"Oops when was the last time I blogged?"

It is understood that blogging consistently is a good thing, it makes your ranking on Google better, teaches people when to expect to come back for new content, and it adds to the great amount of information on the internet. It builds trust. To a certain extent if you don't blog often enough people will forget about you.

All of this is true.

However, writing those words above just brings the spotlight on the fact that you have not blogged for a very long time. 

Not blogging often and consistently is a guilty truth makes you get this massive cloud of guilt that comes pouring down that somehow causes an inevitable need to confess, explain, or provide an excuse to make up for the lacking consistency.

Take this to heart.

"The blog you write isn't your mother. You don't have to explain why you didn't do something when you ought to have done so."

I, your reader, often don't notice you have not blogged. I have a vast amount of other reads that I follow on the internet that keeps me occupied not just your blog. Even if I did notice, I would have come to my own conclusions or if your content was great, wait for the next post.

I write this blog post because I come across a large number of blogs that have numerous posts with apologies and this leaves me an impression that their whole blog is a series on how they haven't blogged. Even if the post contained super content it would either been missed or bookmarked for later often leading to it not being read. 

If you still feel the need to explain don't use "busy" because being busy is a lousy explanation.

Instead add a cheerful one liner "Hey I was delving deeper into newer topics that would benefit Malaysian tech businesses and boy do I have tales to share!"

Adding more positivity is a more encouraging read compared to negativity.

Most times: People just want to read the good stuff. Information that really matter to them.

Coming back after some time gives great temptation to write complex posts, but readers normally don't notice. So simplify to get ahead. Stay in touch with how you should write your posts.

Improve your contents with outlines. Make it easier for readers to skim through the content and find what they find most relevant or in general just make it a nicer read!

In conclusion what you write is important and finding readers to share with your ideas and thoughts are equally as important. So beef up your SEO with a good idea of the importance of server location. Also maximize your SEO with Tips on Google Analytics!

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Do you have any experience with any words that you think shouldn't appear on a blog anywhere?

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