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Thursday 16 October 2014

Images You Use Matter

"You only get one chance to make an impression"

The age old saying that pays more in weight as our society moves at such rapid pace, and people make assumptions based on information they first come to know of and might disregard everything you might have to say just based on what they see. 

Don't give their cognitive process a chance to anchor. 

On a side note: Your day-to-day business operations already require to make many decisions. From operations to product design, and amidst these daily operations certain things get lost; including the images you choose.

Images affect user experience.

Internet users are bombarded with information and different images daily, and this makes internet users tired. If they aren't; users are immune to most forms different advertising material. Images however speak up and stand out apart from all the usual jargons or marketing buzz words and makes a statement.

Presenting a visual helps make what you have to offer more user-friendly, and less robust. It allows for people to draw a quick positive conclusion on what you have to offer. Imagine trying to type down the dimensions of a server compared to having someone stand next to a server showing the person to server size ratio.

Images speak to design.

Intuitive design, intelligent visual appeal, functionality has proven to be a forefront runner in the market for selling products. Images contribute to design. You can have the best designed website, but couple it with some images that lack quality or thought and you could have a very average website that could attract few people.

Images set expectations.

Visuals are more user-friendly, however be cautious over the type of images you use. Choose images that suit what you are trying to portray rather than the "industry standard" which could spark an interest which is invaluable to what you are trying to portray.

Images affect conversation.

Conversation about your business is good if what is being conversed about is positive. You would want to choose images that would get people to talk or say positive things about. For example, if I could see just how a person would to carry a portable computer rather than just calling it "a portable computer" would make a relative easier point of recommendation between a conversation between friends.

I could say, "Hey! Go look at that portable computer, rather than this computer is lightweight at 1kg and it is portable." What was being communicated was generally the same, but comparatively if you could have a competitive advantage with just using images, the question would be why not?

Images give different emotions.

Having a joyful person smile on the homepage of your website could make someone associate your company as cheerful and friendly, compared to a website that just has a bunch of words. It makes it more relatable, adds the human factor, and gives someone comfort that there are actually homo sapiens on the other end!!

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What are your thoughts on the importance of images?

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