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Thursday 28 January 2016

8 Must Know for SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is the future of marketing. It is simple, 160-Characters, to send out a clear and concise  text message. However, simple as it may seem, there are principles that should be kept in mind when sending out text messages.

SMS marketing is awesome. Great to send out direct marketing, to customers. It is personal and easy to reach customers anywhere, around the clock because of the portability the mobile phone gives to its user. There is also a evidence suggesting that SMS has a much higher engagement rate as compared to email marketing; data shows a 90% read rate within 5 seconds of receipt.

With most marketing tools there are considerations to be put into place. A subtle not explicitly stated rule in most cases that should be followed to ensure that the user's personal privacy has not been violated and the freedom of choice for the user is maintained.

1. Make your SMS Campaign Opt-in

Encourage customers to choose to opt-in rather than blasting them with a surprise message. As highlighted before the mobile phone is an intensely personal device and a message from an unfamiliar number can be intrusive in nature.

2. Offer value

Your message should convey or deliver value and relevance to the target recipient. You can include special offers, coupon codes, an exclusive invitation, or more information regarding the product or assistive information to help buyers make an informed decision.

3. Timing

Do not send out a message in the middle of the night. Consider the obvious rules of courtesy and monitor the behaviors of your target audience. What they might do at a particular time of day. For example: Commuters spend time on the train browsing on their phones, but sports fans might not be too impressed with a message midway through a game. Your message should include, "win __" or "special offer if you show this message to the front desk to get a voucher of 50% on your day's purchase". Alternatively, inform opted-in customers that your company will be sending them a fixed total number of text messages a month and that number so that it is non-invasive manner of approach to their day-to-day use of the mobile phone.

4. Interaction

Always prompt an action (call-to-action). This should be a rule in everything marketing related. Text messaging is very interactive with URLs enjoying a much higher clickthrough compared to links in emails. You can use SMS messages to prompt customers to vote, complete questionnaires or take part in research surveys. These are amongst the few great ways to gain knowledge to help shape future marketing strategies.

5. Correct language.

Regardless of your target audience, your manner of speech should be appropriate. You want to appear professional as well as engaging. Don't fill up your messages with slang-filled conversation "YOLO" or "ROFL" - it just makes customers uncomfortable. Be clear, accurate and polite. That should be more than sufficient.

6. Exploit urgency

Because of the instant nature of text messaging, there is opportunity to make an offer for a "spot" deal to customers. This works as there is no delay like other marketing channels and demands a quick response from customers.

7. Respond quickly

Customers expect quick response, so if interaction has been initiated make sure you confirm their actions immediately. Customer participation can be easily and quickly rewarded if the campaign is tightly integrated across multiple channels.

8. Measure success

Lastly, and most importantly is to check with the performance of your delivered message to the response rate. This helps you to compare and to develop better future campaigns.

Above was the 8 Must Knows for SMS Marketing. You can find out how you can start a campaign now with EVERWORKS' SMS delivery gateway


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