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Thursday 7 January 2016

How to Increase SMS Subscribers at Checkout

One of the best ways to increase SMS Subscribers is through in-store campaigns. Having in-store campaigns are the most logical solution, but there is a big question that remains unsolved; where do we put our in-store campaigns? One suggestion is placing ads on your SMS Marketing campaign at checkout; more specifically on the point of sale system. 

Below is an example of a brand that uses the point-of-sale system to advertise their SMS Campaigns. In general an in-store advertising for SMS campaign generates a 2.3% to 3.2% opt-in rate. This is a fairly good response.

The disadvantage to the example above is the lack of an initial opt-in incentive. Where demonstrated previously can be highly persuasive and customers are willing to give up their handphone numbers for a fixed amount of text advertising per month to benefit from the offered incentive. This is quantifiable when a recent study showed that by offering initial incentives it increased their SMS Subscriber growth at a rate of 520%.

The reason to why customers are not opting-in could be largely due to the lack of incentives you are providing to them. Brands like Julep were able to generate 5,000 new SMS Subscribers within the first 24 hours of launching their SMS campaign, or why Taco Bell gained 15,000 new subscribers in the first five weeks of their campaign were because of incentivized campaigns prompting opt-in.

This can be done by encouraging your customers with a reward, coupon, or deal to join your SMS campaign much like Julep and Taco Bell have done, and you will be able to grow your SMS subscribers at a much faster rate than before.

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