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Thursday 9 February 2017

4 Ideas to Drive More Repeat Conversions

Everyday your subscribers receive a large number of SMS. With so much competition for attention, it's highly likely that a percentage of your subscriber list will lose interest in and stop engaging with your sms marketing campaigns. This may not seem to be a big problem, but this will slowly crop up to affect a large percentage of your list if not careful. As your list engagement drops you run the risk of damaging your sender reputation and your sms deliverability rates.

We now know the problem, but how should you address this issue? By creating special re-engagement SMSs targeted directly at your "inactive" subscribers.

So what are some re-engagement SMS examples to inspire your next efforts?

1. Improvements on products, while you were away...

"We've made some improvement since you've been away, join over 5 million members who are"

What's good about this re-engagemnet SMS is it draws attention to the improvements you have in your products since your subscriber's last engagement. There is a tactful action to also include a social proof of how more than 5 million members are currently using their services.

2. Do you still want to hear from us?

"It's been awhile, do you still want to hear from us? We want to ensure that you continue to receive content that is relevant to you."

This is a simple question, but the focus is to allow subscribers to update their preferences and keeps them engaged with you. The benefit here is you are aware that your subscribers are still interested in your content.

3. Surprises

"Pick from two special gift sets exclusively for you, follow this link here ____"

We all love surprises. Make use of your subscriber's emotional instinct in their re-engagement SMSs.

4. We hate goodbyes

"We hate goodbyes so we're sending you one last message, Let us know if you want to continue receiving messages from us"

This is an emotional re-engagement SMS that informs a subscriber that it will be your last email to them. This is a good way to keep subscribers that are truly interested in your brand, but beware do not use this too often.

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