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Wednesday 3 July 2019

5 Ideas to Help Deliver Better Customer Service in Malaysia

AI is replacing processing jobs and is a bleak future for those who are not embracing technology in their business. However, there is a key differentiation that can be implemented in business which is, through customer service. Customer service is a key differentiating factor for any business as it is essentially the act of helping customers, both reactively and proactively.

In this article, we'll be discussing about 10 things to implement to blow your customer service out of the park.

The customer service team ensures a customer's needs is fulfilled. The key here is not just to must troubleshoot support calls, answer customer inquiries, and perform a variety of tasks to keep customers engaged and satisfied, but also to ensure that these tasks are carried out with a personal touch.

For small business owners this can be overwhelming. With all of these functions performing at once, it can be difficult to stay in touch with everything your customer service team does.

This can be worrying to, because Customer Service is a vital component to your company's success. It represents your front facing "first impression" to the world.

There is a key challenge: it's difficult to outline everything you should be doing for your customers. However if solved, could unearth a hidden gem that could make your business explode.

To help small businesses, we cover below the 10 things you could implement for your customer service team to ensure that you are delivering the best possible service.

1. Build a customer success program

To capitalize on customer success, you need an organized program. Customer success programs identify customer goals and develop roadmaps to help customers achieve them. It's more likely for a customer to return your business when they succeed with your product or service.

2. Build customer loyalty programs

It costs five to 25 times more to acquire a new customer. Do more to retain your existing customers it's cheaper.

One way to do this is through customer loyalty programs. It's known that customer loyalty programs improve customer retention and increase referrals.

This is common and popular practice because your loyal customers usually spend the most at your business, and already represent the group of people that have already converted.

Getting them to convert again would cause less friction compared to someone who has just started the customer journey with your business. Here's a great read on 10 excellent innovative customer loyalty programs for your inspiration.

3. Collect customer feedback

Do not underestimate the power of collecting customer feedback. Collecting customer feedback is an important step in helping customers.

After all, it's hard to assist people if you don't know what their problems are. And, if you make changes based solely on the business's perspective, you can end up frustrating your customers and increasing your churn rate. Instead, look for timely opportunities to obtain customer feedback, and apply that information to your decision-making going forward.

4. Incorporate live chat

Live chat is a powerful tool that should be added to every customer service team's arsenal. Live chat is a hybrid, allowing reps to efficiently handle a higher case volume. Link customers directly to your knowledge base for quicker solutions.

This creates a better customer experience and reduces the wait stress for customers. Consider this option with caution, as high volume businesses need manpower to carry this out successfully.

5. Add a knowledge base to your website

A knowledge base is used to educate customers on your products and services. It contains support and service articles outlining steps to solve common customer roadblocks. A common way how most companies are approaching their customer service is to provide their customers with an instant location to solve their problems quickly by themselves.

This is especially useful when customers have an inquiry. Customers have the ability to search through the knowledge base to find a solution to their problem. This saves them time and in turn helps to ease the burden for your customer support team. Your customer support team would be focused on solving more complex problems, or to attend to customers which require more attention.


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What's your business currently doing to ensure the best service is being delivered to your customers?


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