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Wednesday 24 July 2019

5 Ways to Make Your Sales Email Convert Like Crazy

Writing effective sales and marketing emails can be difficult and a struggle. But consider, a single email could make or break a deal.

It's just as important to know what to include in your emails, it's equally important to be persuade as much as stand out.

There's no catch and you definitely do not need to be a professional copywriter to know how to write a sales email which converts more dollars.

" It's not what you write in your email, it's how you write it. "

To help you start, here are 5 ways you can make your sales emails convert like crazy. 

This is so easy you can start in under 5 minutes.

1. Humanize

It's often easy to forget that the email you're pouring time and effort into is meant for another person. An example which is common in the Malaysian workplace is the use of "Dear" to start an email.

The salutation of "Dear" isn't wrong, but it creates a sense of formality. This means distance. In certain situations you might not want the distance, but rather a more casual relationship to engage better.

A great way to put this in a nutshell is to create a perception that your reader is actually talking to you, and your email is just a means of transport to communicate your message to him/her. 

Remember, being overly casual does not always mean "closing the gap" it could be a practice that might not be well received. You want to measure how casual or formal you can be, depending on the industry you are in and to whom you are writing this email to.

I prefer to start my emails with "Hi" and to end the email on a more personal tone with "Catch up on WhatsApp."

2. Be clear with your intent

Obvious but often not done. State the purpose of your email right at the beginning. 

I work for a business web hosting company, so my value proposition when opening any email I would write could be: "We offer affordable packages while ensuring your website is almost always turned-on (99.99% uptime) and for you to save your hair when it comes to technical jargon (great 24/7 customer support)."

3. Write email based on your reader's objectives

This is difficult even for me, as it's only natural to write an email based on what you want to achieve and very rarely about the reader's objectives.

A good way to implement this is to always keep in mind; 

  • What does your reader want to know? 
  • What does your reader care about?
  • What is your reader's expectations?

 This would be more convincing, 

" Even if your children are 8-hours away studying in University, ask how they are this instant without worrying about the connection. " 

 compared to, 

" The best International Calling rates in the country with the widest country network. "

Although this may perceive to be a more compelling message, this may not be true for every audience.

If you are selling a complex product to technical experts, granular details could be key in your communication strategy. 

4. Repeat the key sales message

It can often be difficult to keep an email short, and in most situations there's often a lot to cover.

A good practice to follow is to repeat what you've written at the start. This may mean a repetition of the same message, but the intention here is to be deliberate. You want to emphasize the importance of this message you've mentioned.

5. State an obvious next step

Rather than ending your email with thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon, take advantage of this space to direct your reader to take an action you desire them to take.

For example:

Call or Email me now

In my enthusiasm to help, I may have provided a lot of information above to digest. If you have further questions or if you'd like to go through this together, please connect with me by replying to this email or by dropping me a quick WhatsApp at +6x-xx-xxx-xxxx.

Consider these tips in your next email, and share with us your results. For more tips on sales, marketing, or the web stay tuned for future posts.

If you'd like to learn about how we keep other businesses online all-day and everyday reach out to our sales team here.


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