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Wednesday 21 August 2019

3 Killer Ways to Get Your Prospect to Always Respond to You

Not all prospects are very responsive. Often an email get's ignored or a response is delayed. A call is answered but time is always of the essence. Trust me, it isn't your vigor or lack of it, it's an exception rather than a rule.

It's common for your prospect to go dark after being responsive after awhile. You need to find creative ways to reignite the interest in what you are offering before the deal sways to someone else.

Silence doesn't mean a bad reflection of how you've handled your sales process. It takes two hands to clap and yes this doesn't mean you stop improving, but sometimes it's them. For many reasons their interest in your product (sometimes their own job) has waned.

However, if this is often happening then it's time to brush up on your questioning and closing skills. If they turn cold for any reason whatsoever, come up with follow-up strategies to try to re-engage them and get a new deal rolling in the future.

Here's 3 killer ways to get your prospect to always respond to you!

1. Change your closes.

Closing is the final interaction, and often the most important one. It is when you, as the salesperson, is asking the reader / prospect to commit to doing something -- regardless of the size of the task.

Great example of closes include:

  1. Asking a prospect to read a white paper,
  2. Scheduling a call,
  3. Making an introduction, or 
  4. Providing an important resource or information.

Don't be tempted to repeat the last close repeatedly when the prospect goes quiet. Instead maybe setup with the contact or their boss.

Make your close specific instead of vague. For example:

I'm trying to get a better understanding of your organisation. Where can I learn more about [ project / team / announcement? ]

2. Find a way with another point of contact

A breakup email may get an answer from an unresponsive prospect, but you run the risk of burning a potential sales opportunity for good.

Here's an example we've used after a prospect has gone cold after a few months:

Hi [ name ]

I found this white paper recently, and I thought of your company while I read it -- I think a lot of the lessons would be very helpful to you. I've attached it here. Please give me a call once you've read it because I'd love to get your thoughts and ask some follow up questions.

If this doesn't receive any response you can close in a passive-aggressive manner:

Since I never heard back from you, I assumed you moved on. If there's any hosting related inquiries that you might have in future, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

3. Call your prospects back at different times.

Right under your nose, but not done: Call and email your prospect at different times. We often get into routine and this habit. We make it a point to call at 2:30pm every week on the same day.

Getting into routine isn't bad practice, however, it is good to consider that your prospect may have a commitment at that time and may face difficulties responding to your call.

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