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Wednesday 28 August 2019

4 Follow-Up Secrets to Avalanche Sales

There's a myth that there exists a magic formula for any sales efforts, a silver bullet, subject line, or time to write or call your prospect.

The promise of a magic formula engulfs almost all sales professionals, in their constant search for this elixir. However, we noticed that it wasn't a magic formula that lead to more sales, but a proven system with some guidance the secrets to unlocking an avalanche of sales is possible.

The secret is in discovering a follow-up strategy that works best for you.

Here's how you can create an avalanche of sales with these 4 follow-up secrets:

  • The amount of touchpoints
  • The varying outreach channels
  • Time between touchpoints
  • Content of touchpoints

1. The amount of touchpoints

Realise that every sale requires time. The sales process hinges on where your prospect is in their buying journey, and there's no real way to know with 100% certainty.

The first key is to be persistent, because it matters in sales. Although reaching out to your prospects often helps to improve your odds for sales, however, keep in mind that reaching out at the wrong intervals, wrong channels and with the wrong message would ruin your efforts.

2. The varying outreach channels

There's a tendency to only use email as a means in your communication piece. With the world even more connected than what it used to be, pairing email with phone calls and social media outreach usually leads to a winning strategy.

A good practice is to immediately follow up your call with an email.

Add social media into the mix. A great way to achieve this is by favoriting your prospect's tweet and following them an hour later. When they follow you back, you can then send a direct message.

This similar approach can be replicated across suitable social channels. Hidden tip here is to avoid personal social networks such as Facebook / Instagram.

3. Time between touchpoints

Let's cut to the chase, here's the best time we've found that works well:

  • Day 1: Call and email
  • Day 2: Email and Twitter
  • Day 3: Twitter
  • Day 5: Email and LinkedIn
  • Day 7: Email
  • Day 10: Call and Email
  • Day 17: Email and Twitter
  • Day 21: LinkedIn
  • Day 28: Call and email

4. Content of Touchpoints

Content largely determines how you come across as over your communication efforts. Whether you are annoying or just a persistent businessperson.

  • Reemphasize business value
  • Offer insights
  • Educate
  • Share news

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