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Thursday 5 September 2019

10 Important Best Practices to Include in Your Email (for 2019)

All of us receive plenty of emails during the day, and to help your emails stand out and grab attention there's small nuances in email that you should be paying attention to.

Start here: What is email design?

Email design is strategic placement and creation of an email that appeals to your reader, or customer. Typically, you would want your design to be attention-grabbing, aesthetically-pleasing, and focused on your brand image to promote recognition with the receiver.

Why is email design important?

Your potential customer only spares your email 1.1 seconds before deciding if your message is worth their time or not.

Design has never been as important to successful marketing efforts, and it's key to keep recipients reading and interacting with your email.

Below you'll discover the 12 important best practices in include in your email for 2019

1. Craft a strong subject line

The subject of your email is the first piece of information your reader sees. Although the statement is brief it holds importance to pique the interest of your readers. The objective is to grab their attention to motivate them to open and read your email.

Here's a checklist of what your subject line should do:

  1. Grab attention in as few words as possible
  2. Provide value to encourage them to open your email
  3. A good summary of what they should expect to read

2. Write a pre-header

This is the second thing your reader sees. This has equal weight to crafting a strong subject line. Don't repeat the strong subject line.

3. Be concise

The point of email is being straight to the point. Here's a great read on how to write short emails.

4. Maintain your brand through email

Impression is everything in today's age. This means your email should be branded to the point that they do not need to look at who's sending the message to know it's from you.

Tips on keeping your brand consistent through email:

5. Keep your layout clean for a better user experience.

Manage the layout of your email. If you bunch together words in a single paragraph, nobody is going to read your email. More on user experience design here.

6. Personalise email

This works great to enhance your brand and at the same time improves email retention.

7. Incorporate unique content

Include unique images, videos, GIFs, and animations to break up the written content.

Here's great resources for free photos:

  1. Pexels
  2. Unsplash

8. Don't be afraid to use emojis

You can get emojis to use here.

9. Use responsive design

Users today are sophisticated and have various ways of accessing their emails (desktop, laptop, mobile device, etc.) Ensure their experience of reading your email is flawless regardless of the platform they choose to view through.

10. Optimise with CTAs

We often neglect this but a good call to action (CTA) helps you to convert your email readers to take action.

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