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Monday 30 September 2019

6 Great Ways on How to Find Leads Quickly (Optimised for Malaysia)

The hardest thing in sales is finding leads. And this is even harder when the leads are qualified and ready to purchase.

However difficult this is, it's a task that sales representatives can't avoid.

This doesn't have to be all doom and gloom and it can be made easier on them, by having a go-to list of places to find prospects and a specific procedure for each platform. That way finding prospects wouldn't be much of a rocket science, but a predictable practice.

Having spoken to a few salespeople in Malaysia, below are 6 great ways you can find prospects fast and keep filling up your pipelines every month.

Start here.

1. Job Boards

Job listings are windows to understanding a person's needs. For instance, if you notice that a company is hiring for an HR person and you provide the services to help with this, you might learn that this would be a great organisation to reach out to.

It's likely that they are struggling with HR related matters and would be interested in hearing from someone who can help you.

2. Twitter

The key to making the most out of Twitter is to have a list of the top 3 or 4 keywords your target people care about. You can search up keywords through Twitter searches, Google Trends, etc.

There might be people searching and asking questions, and others might be complaining about how difficult something maybe. In any case, you can jump into the conversation and add value.

The key point is not to push your product, but be someone genuine that is helpful.

3. Business Journals

This is a great way to keep in touch with the local community and to learn what are the latest news and big events happening at companies within this area.

This can be a great way for you to reach out as a point of reference when you send your first email or make the first call to your new prospect.

4. Industry Forums

You should subscribe to newsletters like that are relevant to your industry. A great place to start is to stay in touch with your target customers email newsletters.

3 benefits of doing this you can:

  • Find out what's new
  • Learn what successes are happening
  • Stay up to date on industry trends and strategies

If they're not active through email, you can always follow them on any social platform that the organisation is actively participating in.

5.  LinkedIn

When used correctly, LinkedIn can be a gold mine for prospects.

Join relevant groups, and add to the conversation and be of help to the general community. Keep engaging and don't sell off the bat.

People generally don't like being sold to, but they like to purchase with a friend. That's the big call.

6. Local Chamber of Commerce

This might not be the most obvious but there are ways to connect. You'd be surprised how many businesses are actively looking for products and services but can't seem to find the right fit.

This may be a goldmine if you know your ideal customer persona.


When looking for qualified leads, there isn't a way for fast prospecting. Take your time to build a mutually beneficial relationship or make a friend and the necessary rapport that you earn will be great in the long-run.


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