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Wednesday 2 October 2019

5 Types of Pain Points Businesses Commonly Face

Spending time on a prospect that doesn't buy is a common challenge most salespeople face. Putting yourself through the time-draining process of selling to someone who doesn't buy is a huge drain to productivity.

Diving back to the source of sales, people usually buy when there is a problem, and they are looking for a solution. If your prospects don't have a pain they usually do not have a need. And without a need, there is very little chance of a sale. And it's up to salespeople to ask effective sales questions that help to uncover any of the pains that they face as quickly as possible to deliver a solution which would end up in a sale.

Here are 5 pain points you can use to position yourself to uncover the potential problems that they are facing to drive more sales.

1. Positioning Pain Points

Which business does not need to acquire more or better business? However, this end goal is easier to set than to achieve. Many businesses may understand - or think they understand the problem that other's are facing. Common positioning pains that prospects face are:

  1. No one knows who our company is
  2. Our competitors are outspending us
  3. The market is changing, and leaving us behind
  4. We've not considered digital marketing and we feel like we're being left behind

2. Productivity Pain Points

Is there something that's prohibiting a company and its employees from working efficiently and effectively? From this perspective your product or service might be able to provide the solution to help them solve this particular pain point.

3. Financial Pain Points

Money is always the #1 topic for any business and it's often caused by the lack of it. Every business benefits from improving their financial standing and here are the common pain points which they face:

  1. We're not selling enough
  2. Revenue is high but our profitability is meager
  3. We don't have enough visibility
  4. We may be overpaying for our costs but we do not know what to cut

4. People Pain Points

People are at the heart of every business. It's the greatest expense and represents the largest asset. Some of the pain points commonly faced are:

  1. Employee morale is low
  2. We lose our best employees to higher paying positions elsewhere
  3. Our lack of diversity means a lack of innovation
  4. We can't trust our middle managers to motivate or train

5. Process Pain Points

With people problems there comes operational problems. Process may be overlooked as rigidity however, if your prospects understand that this is the best way to achieve repeatable success is through the implementation of a repeatable process, this could be a common pain point that they are facing:

  1. Our hiring process isn't great, and we struggle with finding highly qualified candidates
  2. Customer churn is very high
  3. We have no system in place to qualify leads
  4. There are inconsistencies in each employees' workflow.

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