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Tuesday 4 May 2021

Fixed Sales Slides Are Losing You Sales

Slides are meant to serve as a guide. Flexibility is key to conversational sales. And it's one of the main drivers to how you can transform stale business presentations into visually engaging stories.

Corporate slideshows are not designed for best practice sales techniques. They are designed to be corporate slideshows.

Stale presentations actually hurt your chances of success. Because they're long, and they only talk about your company and your products. 

It doesn't talk about what your customers find important to them.

What if slides could be more flexible?

You've been in a meeting before, where the PowerPoint was linear, prescripted and did not align with the dynamics of a consultative sales meeting. Didn't you want out? Didn't you feel like it was a waste of time?


To beat this, you will need to reimagine your corporate slideshow. From one long narrative into a series of bite-sized mini-presentations that can be selected based on a prospect's interests.

Don't go through your slides in order. You can add navigation options to help you to jump to different parts of your presentation.

The goal of your slides should be to ...

Deliver the best of both worlds:

  • Highly relevant
  • Engaging slides that complement the sales conversation

Here are three great examples of how you can do this:

  1. Does your company offer three services? Show a slide with all three and ask which slide your prospect is interested in and jump into that.
  2. Have a success story that would address your prospect's question? Show the slide with all your success stories.
  3. Is your prospect running out of time? Jump straight to the section to close the deal!

Great news! Any presentation software can do this

There's the hyperlink function. It helps you to move quickly to the desired slide with a click.

How do you create content optimised for this dynamic approach?

Consider how your sales consult flows. A great way to start is to start with a list of what you offer and see where the customer chooses to go.

Other possible pivot points include:

  1. Deeper dives
  2. Decision-maker types
  3. Industry insights
  4. Success stories
  5. FAQs


You'll notice once you start building corporate presentations using the Flexible Slides approach your value proposition becomes even clearer. This helps you to go beyond relying exclusively on a pre-meeting discover because you can adapt the slides to your prospect's interests on the fly.

This will also help you to deliver the right presentation iteration without having the need to reassemble one for every opportunity.


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