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Tuesday 18 May 2021

How to Make Sales and Marketing Meetings More Effective and Impactful

There's a common misconception that both sales and marketing are not equally important. But in reality, this is can result in marketing and sales realignment. When aligned well, there will be a special cohesion that will allow a business to flourish.

How to ensure effective sales-marketing meetings

Now with the new normal, and the internet becoming more mainstream, buyers have more information at their fingertips. This wasn't the same previously.

This makes it even more necessary for marketing and sales to be aligned so that buyers can efficiently buy without any messaging misalignment.

Initial prep

When planning for a meeting between sales and marketing teams, it's important to prepare. First, think of the items which need the most priority and what role each person will play in the meeting.

To filter down on how to do this, you can consider what type of meeting is currently taking place. For example, would this meeting be taking place to analyse competition or to focus on revenue?

Second, organise your topics. Do this by asking all the attendees to submit any questions prior to the meeting. You will want to filter questions to see if there are any overlaps. This also helps you to manage the meeting to avoid any unexpected concerns to arise spontaneously.

Third, manage time, by placing a length of time on each segment to avoid the meeting taking unnecessary amount of time, and appoint someone to keep track of time.

Fourth, appoint someone to take notes. This represents key items discussed during the meeting and will serve as a good reference and follow up to the meeting.

Sales-Marketing = Smarketing

Foster an environment for exchange of ideas to be freely exchanged by everyone. Always remember that neither department carries more weight. Every contribution carries equal weight to the collective goal the company wishes to achieve.

First, ensure space of contribution for each attendee. Show everyone that your ideas are valuable. And this will foster a proactive and positive collaboration amongst team members.

With a positive environment, meetings can be used to identify weaknesses and blindspots without affecting the overall morale of either team. With an honest and open discussion you will be able to promote the ability to close gaps between marketing and sales. Which will result ina seamless customer experience

Facts not just perceptions

Don't spew perspectives. Be objective and only cover meaningful data. This will help to keep the meetings in line and manage expectations on the delivery of solutions that are not skewed towards a personal opinion.

Keeping the goal in the forefront will ensure the right focus.

A tip to do this is to go back to the customer. Understand the persona. This will serve as a good reminder to both teams on who they are reaching out to, and how they can agree on a solution together.


Although there are various tips discussed above, the common thread for a more effective sales and marketing meeting is communication.

Improving morale of both teams will ensure that customers benefit from an overall better experience.

Plan, communicate, discuss, and be open about meeting topics to discover great ways you can increase sales and conversion to help both teams deliver on their expected results.


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