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Saturday 7 January 2017

A Beginners Guide to Starting a Successful SMS Delivery Campaign

Introductory Guide to Starting a Successful SMS Delivery Campaign.

New to SMS Marketing? Need to find out if SMS Delivery is still relevant? This guide provides information you need to start a successful SMS Delivery Campaign

What is a SMS Delivery Campaign?

This SMS Delivery Campaign guide is written for the perspective of a Content Marketer. A Content Marketer is a person that creates and distributes valuable content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.

SMS Delivery is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility by paid reach. There are many aspects of a successful SMS Delivery campaign from words used, creative ideation of advertising strategies, too.

Sometimes a successful SMS Delivery Campaign is simply a matter of choosing a reliable delivery service that is able to meet advertising budgets.

If you are confused about SMS Delivery Campaigns, you're not alone, we're here to help.

Why do I need SMS Delivery?

Behind every successful campaign implemented, there is a strong marketing strategy. Traditionally implementation of marketing strategies were limited to physical media channels. Just to name a few; newspapers, televisions, radios, and billboards are some good examples.

The value proposition offered from traditional media channels; large reach capacity, volume. However, there is an underlying question that we all ask, what benefit is there to the Content Marketer?

Should the unique selling point convincing the choice of this option, just be solely made on audience reach? Traditional media channels argue that the perceived value of a channel is in its proposition of consistent viewership, measured in its volume.

However, what matters should not just be the volume of viewership. The Content Marketer should concern himself with specific demographical data (age,gender,preferences, etc.) to allow customers to be targeted specifically according to need, effectively employing investment dollars instead of leaving it to chance.

SMS Delivery isn't new, but what's unique is that it provides targeted reach with the backing of demographical data.

With SMS Delivery having targeted reach doesn't come at the cost of volume.

High mobile penetration rates justify the reach potential for SMS Delivery; example countries include Malaysia at 144.8%, 44.5 million subscriptions (Malaysian Digital Association, 2016), Indonesia at 111.2%, 278 million subscriptions (Redwing Asia, n.d.), and Thailand at 136.4%, 90 million subscriptions (Tech In Asia,2013).

The marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive, knowing who and where gives the Content Marketer a decided advantage in justifying advertising spend with ROI.

How is SMS Delivery effective?

SMS Delivery has a near 100% delivery rate and is fast to deliver created content to targeted mobile users. However, it is argued that 100% delivery rate is impossible as reasons such as phone disconnection, a lack of network coverage, and others (CM Telecom, 2014). To determine if the factors discussed above hold argumentative weight, that should be of concern to the Content Marketer, a simple comparison will be discussed here.

First the issue of phone disconnection when compared to other media channels. Viewers choose location, media, activity they want to engage with, effectively increasing the probability of disconnection to alternative channels based on where the viewer is, what media the viewer chooses to see, and what activity they set out to do.

In comparison, a viewer always has his/her mobile with him/her and disconnection issues can be mitigated with time management (messaging at specific times) and analytical experience (monitor and advertise during times with the highest engagement).

Network coverage should not represent an issue with most major networks covering majority of areas with high viewership density (Check network coverage here - Open Signal, n.d.).

Methods for Bulk SMS Delivery

There are three basic ways to send text from a computer; API Integration, Email, or Web/Desktop Software. Main things that the Content Marketer should concern himself with is quality and reliability of delivery service.

SMS Delivery ROI Potential

The average number of mobile phones in use globally is 123.16 for every 100 citizens (Wikipedia, n.d.). SMS Delivery as an advertising channel that shouldn't be overlooked.

An example of a SMS Delivery campaign that delivered is, Carl's Jr. created a limited time offer with opted-in customers for burger and fries for $2.99 instead of the usual $6.00. In a short period of time 20% of their customers redeemed their unique codes in restaurant and for every $1 spent Carl's Jr. made $14 (Waterfall, 2015).

Although the backend mechanics for SMS Delivery is complicated, but any aspiring Content Marketer can learn to master the basics of using SMS Delivery as an advertising channel.

Free Marketing education is widely available on the web, including guides like this, and with a little practice you should be on your way to becoming an expert.

It's always good to have a firm grasp on the core concepts to get you started.

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