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Thursday 28 June 2018

8 Ideas for Malaysian Small Business to Advertise Online for Free

Advertising is important, and you know this too.

Business is tough, as costs continue to rise and it's a strain for your small business. There's just no budget left for advertising.

The most common reason?

There's too much fluidity. There isn't a concrete budget that can guarantee a specific result.

Today's post is for anyone who is struggling with prioritizing for advertising. Our objective is to share ideas that would help you to advertise your business without having to break your bank to do it.

Here are 14 ideas you can advertise online for free:

1. Use "Google My Business"

This is a free service from Google, allowing your business to list on Google Maps.

For example, if you are in the business of selling second-hand cars in Mahkota Cheras, people searching for "second-hand cars in Cheras" is more likely to discover your business if your business is listed on Google Maps.

2. Take advantage of Yext's free scanning service

Yext is a an online service which helps you to scan the Internet to find every place your business is listed on.

The service for Yext is not cheap, but take advantage of their free scanning service. Use Yext to ensure that all links and information about your business online is up-to-date.

One way for your business to advertise online is to gain credibility through search. SEO is free, but it does require active maintenance. One of the many criteria Google has for your site to rank higher in its search index is to "ensure that all links go to live web pages".

(*Learn how you can improve your Malaysia SEO instantly)

3. Write guest posts for other blogs

When advertising your business it is important to establish rapport within your industry.

Contributing expert content on another blog, will help you to demonstrate your expertise in a topic and gives you exposure to an already engaged audience. This helps you to validate that you are a thought leader within your community.

4. Answer questions people have on the Internet

Malaysia's most popular online forum is Lowyat.net.

Your activities on the Internet is guided with the objective of helping people discover how your business is able to help them solve a problem they face with.

Attending to a specific question from one person also exposes your answer to other people who face the same problems. This opens an opportunity for you to converse with real people and to provide real solutions which people can trust and rely on.

5. Publish content through Social Media

The social platform where all Malaysians are on is Facebook and Instagram (based on this Soya Cincau Article).

It is free to create a Facebook Page. A Facebook Page is a platform for you to share announcements, promotions, new updates to people who follow your brand.

6. Do interviews on Podcasts

Some of the ideas already covered included search, blogs, Internet forums, and social media.

Realistically, not all audiences reside in these channels. Some are more inclined to consume new content by listening to podcasts.

Podcasts are the modern equivalent of the radio - the difference, people can freely listen as long as they have an Internet connection. (To start: Here's a list of 10 podcasts you can tune in to)

7. Use your Email Signature

This is an often overlooked space.

You send email everyday. Take advantage of this valuable screen real-estate, make use of the promotional potential within your email signature.

Your email is a great place to start. It's free, and most importantly you are in full control. Hubspot has a great article on 10 great ways on how you can use your email signature to support your marketing campaigns.

8. Send Email Newsletters

Email isn't dead. Email is the 3rd most influential source for information for B2B audiences (Wordstream Article).

With the right time investment, email newsletters can be a useful way to keep your prospects informed and a great way to remind your audience of your expertise.

That's it for this week! It's great that you're making an effort to find quality articles, but make sure you take action to implement these free ideas now.

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