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Tuesday 15 January 2019

5 Important Questions Salespeople Need to Ask

Performing sales is more of a skill than a science.

Although a common trait amongst good sales people is being organised, a sales person who has the ability to recognise when to set their organised plan aside to follow an unexpected conversational turn understands the small nuances in a dialogue between a prospect and how to conduct himself.

Small off-topic conversations can be enlightening and a great way to build rapport. Although tempting, you should never entirely abandon your organised list of questions, rather consider which are the questions that absolutely need to be asked.

There's a raft of questions any sales person can ask a prospect, but we believe that less is more. This is evidence as most people are only able to remember 7 items or less.

To assist with the narrowing of questions a sales person should always ask (in order of importance) are:

  1. Who will sign off on this?
  2. Create an influence map. - "what does your company's decision-making process look like?"
  3. Can I show you?
  4. Ask for permission - start with, "What would a successful outcome look like for you?

I may have provided a lot of information above to digest. If you have further questions or if you'd like to go through this together, please connect with us through Facebook.

Consider these tips in your next email, and share with us your results. For more tips on sales, marketing, or the web stay tuned for future posts.

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