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Wednesday 23 January 2019

Optimise Your Email and Skyrocket Conversions

Email Marketing is still important in today’s day and age. Even with the advent of Social, and the hype of AI.

It is the most personal way of engaging with your customers or prospects.

How is Email still relevant today? 

Emails can be segmented, personalized and automated while maintaining the relevance to the conversation going with the customer.

But to maintain the effectiveness of your email campaigns, it’s important to understand this fundamental question; Am I providing additional value to my subscribers?

Here you can learn about the importance of optimizing your email marketing campaigns and how to craft your email messages to improve conversions, based on a methodology based on 20 years in the research and testing.

To optimize email campaigns, is to refine a process and understand that Email is a communication between 2 different landing pages.

The 1st landing page is the form where you try to convince the people to willingly have a communication with you.

2nd, is your email’s ability to raise the interest of the subscriber and guides additional information to them.

So the overall flow is as follows:

Capture email of prospects >
Have them open your emails >
Interest them to and motivate them to click (through your Call to Action) >
Lead your subscriber to a landing page with more information.

To capture a prospect’s email you need to show that there is mor value compared to the cost of subscribing.

While your subscribers do not pay any money in order to be added to your mailing list, but the cost is their email and risk of them subscribing to spam and their time taken off to look at your email.

Don’t discount the importance of providing enough value to the subscriber. Overcoming the cost of a subscribers willingness to subscribe can prove to be a huge stumbling block.

Ideally you should collect their name and email address. The name is important because you can send them a personalised message.

A great way to lead your subscribers into engaging with you through email for example is in the first visit you only collect their name and email address, then the next asks for specifically which products that they might be interested in knowing more about.

Doing this progressively collects additional information about your subscribers and it is only possible if if your subscribers have reasons to visit you repeatedly.

Generally, in email there are a lot of factors that weigh in. But know that the optimization of emails becomes easier when you simplify the process. It’s also easier if you understand that the base of all email marketing is to get 2 actions from your prospects.

1st to get email opened.
2nd to get an action.

Learn more about email here.

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