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Wednesday 2 December 2020

8 Different Tonal Patterns Which Will Help You Close More Sales

Tonality is broken up into 8 generally different patterns. Which you use will depend on the relationship you've managed to build with the other receiver. Look at it as where they are currently in the sales process and what you hope to gain in that moment of the conversation.

1. Scarcity/Urgency

This is used to convey the need to make a decision quickly.

2. Reasonable

You are on the same side as them, speaking to them as if you're one of them or you can relate from their point of view to build a positive relationship with the buyer.

3. Absolute Certainty

You know you can help them and you want them to understand that as well.

4. I Care

Empathy is important in everything you do including sales. Customers want to know that their problems really matter to you.

5. Using a question to be declarative

Ending your statement with a raised voice suggesting a question mark, to infer an agreement.

6. Series of 3 Up Tones

This micro-agreements can encourage others to agree with you.

7. The Presupposing Tone

You know the outcome they can expect and is especially helpful when emphasising the benefits which can be expected when using your product/service.

8. I really want to know

Customers yearn to be heard. Use this tone to allow you to communicate that you want to hear them and their problems.


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